Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Barnum, we strive to create a culture of belonging, respect, and opportunity for all of our employees.

We believe that each person’s unique background, perspective, and experiences help us do better work for our clients and work better with each other.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy, developed by our Human Resources team and DEI committee, defines our commitment to these four main focus areas:

  • Improve workforce diversity through enhanced recruitment and hiring strategies and retaining the best people drawn from the broadest pool of applicants.
  • Cultivate an inclusive workplace by welcoming, supporting, and honoring differences, including bringing awareness to special events, holidays, and celebrations.
  • Serve a diverse marketplace’s needs by dealing with different cultures, orientations, and experiences in an informed, respectful, and understanding manner.
  • Support our communities by continuing to empower our Barnum family to impact causes that address social and economic challenge.

Through a combination of education, greater awareness, celebration, and sharing, we can create a sense of true belonging for everyone at Barnum and all the people we have the privilege of working with.

Diversity is not only about representing multiple identity groups and their culture. It is about recognizing, respecting, and valuing the differences these groups bring to the workplace.

Derrik Anderson, Keynote speaker at Barnum’s 2021 Firmwide Mid-Year Meeting

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