Avoid Running Out of Money After Retirement

running out of money after retirement

The current generation of retirees faces a greater risk of running out of money during retirement than any previous generation. Most retirees estimate they will spend less after retirement, but that is not always the case. Some expenses like travel and clothing may go down, but other expenses, such as medical bills and home maintenance, […]

Back to Basics: Retirement Planning

retirement planning

The Back-to-Basics series, presented by Barnum, is designed to answer those questions that are on everyone’s mind. This series of articles are geared toward people new to the world of personal finance, insurance coverage and more. You may have heard the saying, “it’s never too late to learn.” Well, that is certainly true when it […]

Potential Benefits for Retirees in 2023

Benefits for Retirees

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. The journey of financial independence begins now, and your decisions today will shape your retirement life. If you are a retiree, you have the potential to benefit from several changes and improvements. The government is constantly working to improve the retirement life of citizens, and 2023 […]

Time to Consider Long-Term Care

Long-term care

Most people don’t think about long-term care until they or a loved one needs it. Long-term care (LTC) is a type of care that includes personal and medical care services for people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. LTC can be provided at home, in the community, or in institutional settings such as nursing homes or […]

The Need for Estate Planning

need for estate planning

Estate Planning may seem intimidating, but it’s a necessary step in your financial planning process to protect your loved ones. Depending on the amount of your assets and other factors such as ownership in a business, estate planning can be simple Will The first, and most basic, step you can take is to create a […]

Avoid These 6 Retirement Mistakes

retirement mistakes

There are always pitfalls when building a financial plan. Retirement, included. Understanding and avoiding these 6 retirement mistakes will help you build a strong, secure and flexible retirement plan for you and your loved ones.