Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs

Kathleen Cassidy, JD*, Vice President, Advanced Markets Charitable giving and philanthropy are often important to successful individuals. They want to support causes that matter to them and they also see the tax benefits of donating to those causes. If philanthropy is one of your financial goals, you’ve probably considered the question of where to direct […]

What Happens When You Need to Budget for Groceries During COVID-19

Communities across the world are being forced to isolate at home and only leave for essential reasons, such as picking up prescriptions, and grocery shopping. With social media posting photos of empty shelves, you may be wondering what to buy and what to skip — or mitigate — during these resource errands. Here’s a suggested […]

What Happens When You Need to Prioritize Your Bill Payments

If COVID-19 has effected you financially, prioritizing your bill payments could be paramount to you right now. The silver lining is many bill providers are implementing emergency policies to help customers experiencing challenging financial times. Utility providers Many utility companies will keep the lights on for customers who can’t afford their bills during the coronavirus […]

Tap into Expertise and Understand Your Money Mindset to Reach Goals

By Elizabeth Hiza, Chief of Staff, Barnum Financial Group April is Financial Literacy Month — obscured like so many other things by the Pandemic that is afflicting the entire nation. However, financial literacy and good decision-making about money are probably more important than ever in this period of economic uncertainty and hardship for many. Greek […]

9 Ways You Can Earn Income Quarantining Right Now

COVID-19 has undoubtedly disrupted the job market nationwide and around the globe. If the coronavirus has affected your ability to work, we’re here to help. Here’s 9 ways you can earn income right now. Have more questions about your situation? Email us at csc@barnumfg.com. Virtual Tutoring With so many students home from school shutdowns, virtual […]