How to Build Your Brand Awareness – Advertising and Promotions

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Building your brand is critical to your success and you have the ability to create your brand with these simple strategies. Number one!

The big three in advertising — television, radio and print — have been joined by digital. No kidding, right? But knowing you have the ability to promote online and understanding how to do it are two different things.

You can do 15 second, 20 second, 30 second, even 60 second video spots to play in front of YouTube videos. You can even control who sees these ads based on the geographical location of the audience. Your reach is endless. Let’s not forget the power of social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You can blanket the internet with your ads!

If you need help there are tons of how-to videos on platforms like YouTube to acquaint yourself with digital marketing and what techniques you may be able to use.

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