International Women’s Day 2023

International Women's Day

Every March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Celebrations and themes differ between organizations, but the message is always the same. All people, from all walks of life, will take the time to honor the women in their lives. We recognize the achievements of women as a cultural and historical level, and more importantly […]

Everything You Should Know About Bear Markets

bear markets

Just like the dawning of a new day is unavoidable, so is the onset of a bear market. Most investors dread the idea of a bear market, as it often signifies a downward trend in the stock market which can spell disaster for their investments. A bear market is typically defined by an extended period […]

Back to Basics: Estate Planning

estate planning

Estate planning is an integral component of any good financial plan. Without this planning, you can leave your loved ones without the resources they need to take care of themselves or their family in case something unexpected happens to you. Let’s define what estate planning means. Estate Planning involves assessing and managing your tangible and […]

Investing 101: How to Access Company Earnings Report

company earnings report

Understanding a company’s financial performance is essential for informed investment decisions. To do so, investors need to access and analyze the company earnings report. But what is an earnings report, and what kind of information can you glean from it? An earnings report — sometimes referred to as a financial statement or quarterly report — […]

The Importance of Building a Financial Emergency Plan

financial emergency plan

As Dave Ramsey puts it, “There’s always something coming in a few months that will cost money. So be prepared.” Creating a financial emergency plan is essential for any individual or family. A financial emergency plan ensures you have enough resources to take care of unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or home repairs. Although […]

Investing 101: The Differences Between Stocks and Bonds

stocks and bonds

Stocks and bonds are two important components of financial portfolios. They both represent different types of investments, and understanding their differences is essential to making informed investment decisions. You should also consider the risks associated with each type of investment. What are Stocks? Stocks represent ownership in a company. When you buy stocks, you become […]

Back to Basics: How to Obtain Health Insurance

How to Obtain Health Insurance

The Back-to-Basics series, presented by Barnum, is designed to answer those questions that are on everyone’s mind. This series of articles are geared toward people new to the world of personal finance, insurance coverage and more. This article focuses on how to obtain health insurance and what to expect when seeking out coverage. Health insurance […]

Maximizing Your Bonus: Understanding How Bonuses Are Taxed

understand how bonuses are taxed

Have you received a bonus from your employer recently? Bonuses can affect your tax burden in various ways. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how bonuses are taxed to plan accordingly. Bonuses Taxed High? Why? When it comes to bonuses, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regards them as supplemental wages. This means that bonuses are subject […]

The Consequences of Filing Taxes Late: What You Need to Know

consequences of filing taxes late

It’s estimated that more than a third of all Americans wait until the last minute to file their taxes. The consequences of filing taxes late are serious. But if you’re someone who waits too long and misses the deadline for filing your taxes, there are several things you should know about what happens when you […]