Tax Strategies

401(k) Rollover Pitfalls

6 Potential 401(k) Rollover Pitfalls

You’re about to receive a distribution from a 401(k) plan, and you’re considering a rollover. There are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

smaller tax refund

Planning for a Smaller Tax Refund

You may be wondering why the average refund has increased, yet the size of your refund may be smaller. Let’s explore why this could be the case.

consequences of filing taxes late

The Consequences of Filing Taxes Late: What You Need to Know

It’s estimated that more than a third of all Americans wait until the last minute to file their taxes. The consequences of filing taxes late are serious. But if you’re someone who waits too long and misses the deadline for filing your taxes, there are several things you should know about what happens when you are late on taxes.

tax planning for the self-employed

Tax Planning for the Self-Employed

Self-employment is the opportunity to be your own boss. To come and go as you please. And, oh yes, to establish a lifelong bond with

tax scam

Watch Out for These Common Tax Scams

It’s important to be diligent when it comes to tax scams. As the tax deadline approaches this month, it doesn’t hurt to refresh ourselves with what scammers have in store for us.

2022 tax tip calendar stock

2022 Tax Tips

Tax experts offer tips to make tax filing season a little less stressful in 2022.

Tax Scams To Watch Out For

While tax scams are especially prevalent during tax season, they can take place any time during the year. As a result, it’s in your best

Gift and Estate Tax Rules

What are the gift and estate tax rules after tax reform? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law in December 2017, approximately doubled