Richard Toni

  • Wealth Management Advisor

Richard is a financial life planner, taking the time to understand what you want for your life now and in the years to come. He empowers you quantify and prioritize what you want to accomplish then develops integrated strategies to help to meet your objectives. His approach is both personal and comprehensive integrating investment management, asset protection, tax minimization, and income generation. A hallmark of Richard’s practice is his commitment to delivering a top-tier service experience to each of his clients.

A major area of focus is helping people transition from working full time to retirement. While many people have a wealth accumulation strategy during their working years, they don’t have an income generation and wealth distribution plan for retirement. A designated Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®), Richard develops strategies to help clients take distributions in a tax-efficient ma nner, ge nerate ne eded in come, an d co ntinue to invest in an effi cient and cost-effective way that helps maximize returns relative to one’s tolerance for risk.

In addition to working with pre-retirees, Richard has extensive experience working with executives, medical professional, and business owners, helping them address their personal and professional financial needs and capitalize on the financial opportunities their work creates for them.

Richard also partners with Kevin McAvoy, a designated Special Care Planner, to provide comprehensive financial planning to families who have a dependent with special needs. They take a knowledge-based approach, providing valuable education and insights on how to provide the desired quality of life for their dependent while addressing their own need to protect their assets, accumulate wealth, and plan for retirement.

A noted educator, Richard conducts seminars on a wide range of financial topics to employees of major organization in the greater New York area. He also leads skill building sessions for other advisors to enable them to work more effectively with their clients.

Richard received a degree in business management from Skidmore College. A resident of Stamford, Connecticut, Richard supports many community service organizations.