July 2021

Let's Talk Crypto

With the return of social gatherings comes a resurgence in small talk and the topic at the heart of many discussions? Cryptocurrency. If you want to be in on the conversation but need a basic understanding of what everyone is talking about, this article is for you.


5 Steps to Achieve Financial Independence

The idea of financial independence and all that comes with it is exciting, but when considering the time and effort needed to get you there, it can be overwhelming. We’ve broken down our top 5 steps to get you closer to being financially free.


3 Money Lessons and Tools for Teens

As the U.S. financial literacy rate declines and many states still lack financial literacy requirements in schools, it’s important to jumpstart our teens’ financial understanding to set them up for future financial success. Check out the importance of financial education, its link to mental health, and some of our favorite resources for teens.


The Countdown Begins: 5 Things to Consider as You Near Retirement

Retirement planning can be daunting, especially as you near retirement age. While you’ve probably been thinking about and planning for retirement for a while now, there’s much more to consider as you close in on retirement. Here are our top 5 considerations.


Discard with Care: How to Part Ways with Your Old Electronics

Over the past year and a half, you’ve probably depended on your electronic devices like nothing else, using them to stay in touch with family, friends, and coworkers. As the latest tech gadgets come onto the scene, just how should you properly dispose of old electronics?

The goal isn't more money. The goal is living life on your terms
Will Rogers

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