Team Caiazzo Pierce

Here’s a simple math problem that’ll help you understand the true nature of our work.

Picture three birds sitting on a fence. If a hunter comes up and shoots one, how many birds are left sitting on the fence? Is your answer two? In theory, that’s correct. Three minus one equals two. But the trick is, this isn’t really a math problem, it’s a behavioral problem. If you’re only focusing on the math and not paying attention to the behavior, you’re going to get the wrong answer. Because in practice, there won’t be any birds left since the loud bang from the gun would have scared them all away.

Due to the way we process information, mental errors like this happen all the time. In our experience, when most people think about the financial markets, financial planning, and wealth management, they tend to look for solutions that focus on dollar signs, numbers, rates of return, and mathematical formulas. But just like the three birds sitting on a fence example, the financial services industry is less of a numbers game and more of a behavioral game. Day in and day out, loud bangs are constantly influencing the emotions and behaviors of our clients. There are births, deaths, marriages, divorces, graduations, career changes, layoffs, lawsuits, accidents, disabilities, illnesses, inheritances, business transitions, you name it, the list goes on and on.

With this insight in mind, it should be no surprise that the most important role we can play in your financial life is making sure your behavior and the decisions you make are always aligned with your goals. Especially when you’re experiencing a loud bang! How do we accomplish this? By inspiring you to do the things you should do, which aren’t always the things you may want to do.

Our family-focused practice model has allowed us to build deep, long-lasting relationships with the types of clients we know we can be most effective with. Our best relationships have always been with honest, open-minded people who have three things in common. (1) They value good advice. (2) They have a deep sense of responsibility for themselves and their families. (3) They like working with accomplished, well-seasoned financial advisors who are also adept, even-tempered behavior coaches.

We bring to our practice a deep love of family and a real commitment to our clients’ best interests which gives us a genuine sense of purpose. We take great pride in positively influencing the quality and direction of our clients’ lives and we sincerely appreciate the confidence and trust they have placed in us. Our clients have experienced firsthand the power of intelligent, well-crafted financial and behavioral advice and we look forward to sharing that power with you.

Areas of focus:

  • Investment Planning – We can design a strategy to help you invest your assets in order to meet your financial goals, taking into consideration your personal situation and appetite for risk.
  • Retirement Planning – Our team has the expertise to help you develop a comprehensive plan and will work with you over the years to make sure that plan evolves as needed.
  • Insurance Planning – We can do a risk assessment and help find ways to better protect your income and assets. Our long-standing relationships with major insurance networks enable us to find the providers that best meet your needs.
  • Tax Planning – We can identify opportunities to put in place strategies that can help reduce the impact of taxes on investment returns and income.
  • Estate Planning – Proper estate planning can help you pass on more of your wealth to your family and charities than to taxes. We can tailor an estate plan that assures the legacy you want.
  • Employee and Executive Benefits – We offer a range of products and services including group and voluntary benefits, executive benefits, retirement and savings programs, and individual financial services. Each program is supported by an exceptional level of service for you and your employees.


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team caiazzo pierce
Our Mission
Better financial advice based on better behavioral advice.


Financial Advisor
Financial Services Representative
Investment Advisor Representative
CA Insurance Lic #0M42011


Financial Advisor
Financial Services Representative
Investment Advisor Representative
CA Insurance Lic #4025576

Our Promise

Create confidence through knowledge

Empower You to be in control

We deliver advice, planning, knowledge, solutions, and service to enable you to live a financially confident life.

We care about You

We guide you through a process that prioritizes your goals for your lifestyle, your family, your personal future, and your legacy.

Your trusted partners

We serve as your advocate, working with your other trusted advisors to bring all of the pieces of your financial life together.

Help You optimize Your financial situation

We help you find untapped opportunities, manage risks, deal with uncertainties, and anticipate challenges.