Rhodes Pierre

  • Financial Services Representative

Rhodes enjoys working with families and business owners to help them prepare for and secure their financial futures. His mission is to empower his clients with knowledge and a plan of action. Rhodes has witnessed first-hand his parents’ experience with retirement and estate planning challenges. His parents had pensions, social security, and Medicare, much like many people their age do. Once their health deteriorated and they needed to enter a care facility, their estate was not prepared for the loss of their assets and wealth. Like many seniors, their financial situation became vulnerable and the money and assets they struggled to accumulate throughout their lives to leave as a legacy to pass down to their heirs was now subject to seizures and liens to apply for Medicaid.

Rhodes wants every client of his to be prepared for retirement and beyond. He uses his knowledge and experience to help his clients. He strongly advocates, educates, and promotes financial literacy.

Rhodes is a licensed financial professional currently residing in Sharon, MA. He has traveled across the continental United States for years while working for Poetry Alive, a company based in Asheville, NC. He is a stand-up comedian, ordained minister, and published author who has worked as both a consultant and an instructor on subjects such as chess, debate, and women’s literature. Rhodes also sits on the board of IFSI, the Immigrant Family Services Institute, an organization supporting a cause for which he is passionate.

I am licensed and registered to offer products and services in RI. Licenses and registrations will vary. Domiciled in RI