October 2019 Barnum Report

Welcome to The Barnum Report, Barnum Financial Group’s monthly newsletter. Each month we will be covering relevant financial industry topics as well as a monthly market update.


Balancing 401(k) and HSA Contributions

If you have the opportunity to contribute to both a 401(k) and a health savings account (HSA), you may wonder how best to take advantage of them. Determining how much to contribute to each type of plan will require some careful thought and strategic planning. 

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Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits

If you are concerned about the high costs of long-term care but don’t want to purchase traditional long-term care (LTC) insurance, you might consider two strategies that combine permanent life insurance coverage with long-term care benefits.

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What Health Services aren’t covered by Medicare?

The Medicare enrollment window is about to open, and most people find themselves faced with questions about their options. Whether you are looking forward to Medicare in the future or are already enrolled, you should consider these potential expenses.

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