May 2019 Barnum Report

Welcome to The Barnum Report, Barnum Financial Group’s monthly newsletter. Each month we will be covering relevant financial industry topics as well as a monthly market update.


1040 Postmortem:
Making Sense of your Taxes

 Now that filing season is over, taxpayers can take a closer look at their final returns and assess how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected their 2018 income taxes. This piece provides a review of the major tax changes and discusses why many individuals may need to pay closer attention to their withholding in 2019 and beyond.  
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How Does the Federal Reserve Affect the Economy?

If you follow financial news, you’ve probably heard many references to “the Fed” along the lines of “the Fed held interest rates,” or “market watchers are wondering what the Fed will do next.” So what exactly is the Fed and what does it do? Click here to find out

Quiz: Social Security Survivor Benefits

 Did you know that Social Security may pay benefits to your eligible family members when you die, helping to make their financial life easier? Take this quiz to learn more.