TOD/POD Designations

Transfer On Death or TODs allow beneficiaries to receive assets like stocks, bonds or brokerage accounts at the time of the account owner’s death without going through probate and allows the account holder or security owner to specify the percentage of assets each designated beneficiary receives. With a TOD, the named beneficiaries cannot access or control the account holder’s assets as long as the person is alive.

Help your loved ones avoid probate with specially assigned investment accounts.

Payable On Death or PODs are service agreements between a bank or credit union and a client that designate beneficiaries to receive the immediate transfer of assets upon the death of the client. PODs allow for the transfer of bank assets such as checking and savings accounts, security deposits, savings bonds and other deposit certificates instead of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other assets.

Both POD and TOD agreements offer a quick means of asset disbursement, by avoiding the probate process.

At Barnum, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that protects your beneficiaries and assets, reflects your values, and clearly communicates your wishes. Our estate planning experts are here to address your concerns, streamline the planning process, and offer you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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