SEP/Simple IRA/401k

Keep time on your side by saving and investing now for a rewarding retirement ahead. With tools like 401ks, SEPs, and IRAs, it’s never too early or late to get started. What’s most important is that you save as much as possible, and come up with a plan to keep it going. The hardest part of saving is starting!

Solutions that save you money on a tax deferred basis for retirement with employer/employee contributions.

At Barnum, our professional financial advisers are available to discuss your retirement—whether that’s five or 50 years from now. We’ll develop a plan based on your current earnings and projected post-retirement budget, present options, and scenarios to you, and make a recommendation based on our expertise and your financial situation.  No matter where you are in your life and career, Barnum’s tools and experience can help you create a retirement plan that reflects the way you love to live.

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